Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gifts from the Other Side -- A Medium's Experience in a Restaurant

I had a really interesting experience this morning. I was in a restaurant having breakfast by myself and these 2 brothers were seated at a table close by. The tables were arranged in a way that I was basically looking straight at them. The one brother was clearly upset about something.

As I was watching them an older male spirit came into my awareness. Now if you know me you know that I NEVER look for spirit unless I am doing a reading. I personally think it over steps some boundaries -- both mine and the other persons.

I also know if a spirit comes in uninvited there is something they want to show me. So I watched. To my amazement this spirit showed me energetically what he was doing for his grandson.

As his grandson would discuss his upset his eyes would brim with tears, his grandpa would put his hand on the grandson’s heart and the sadness would ease. It was absolutely fascinating to watch. Spirits have been telling my clients and I for 10 years how much they help us during readings and meditations, never once I have “seen” it.

Then he showed me something else that blew my mind... in a good way! As the upset grandson would finish talking, grandpa would energetically touch the other grandson. At first I thought he was just assisting him too as he must be feeling distressed watching his brother. It happened a few times and I realized the moment grandpa’s energy would touch him, he would speak. I asked grandpa what was going on. He explained that he was giving him the words to say, to best assist and comfort his brother. WOW!!! Truly amazing.

The other thing that grandpa showed me was that he wasn’t in any way trying to stop his grandson from hurting, feeling the emotion or fix what he was going through. He was supporting him in ways that the grandson could make choices that would resolve what he was going through. What an empowering way to support someone!

I also asked him who called on him to help, as I have always received the message that we need to ask them or they can’t do anything for us due to free will. He explained that no one had specifically called on him, but the desire of the brother to help was enough to give him permission to help.

Witnessing this has changed me in ways I can’t describe. To see and feel the degree of love, caring, healing and compassion that the other side has for us, truly, absolutely amazing. The gifts the other side has for us are beyond this world. Open your heart to them. Be willing to trust they are there. Ask for signs. Ask for what you require from them. You are loved, this I KNOW for sure.

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Infinite blessings,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium & So Much More

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