Monday, May 30, 2011

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Say Yes to Anything

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before 
You Say Yes to Anything

Creator has guided me to ask myself 3 questions before I say Yes to anything. It has absolutely changed my life! Not sure if they will fit for you, but wanted to share them in case they will.

1. Will it be FUN?
I believe that the purpose of life is to have FUN! If something isn’t going to be FUN then I just say no thank you.

Of course there are times when we have to do things, like say go to the dentist, or vacuum that we complain about - but what if you found a FUN way to do those things???? I have a great dentist so it isn’t an issue for me, but if you don’t - why not load your iPod with comedians that you love and listen to them while there. Just be careful not to bite your dentist when you LOL!

2. Will it be EASY?
I have spent many years trying to force things to happen. UG! This is so draining - and certainly never FUN! 

Of course “easy” doesn’t mean no effort or action. It means will that effort and action be easy? Or will I feel like I am pushing and prodding?
For me going on a 5km bike ride is easy - takes effort and action, but its easy. Now if someone asked me to go on a 20km bike ride that would not be easy - YET! (I am working on it!!)

3. Will it make a POSITIVE difference for ALL involved?

This is very important to me. I want to be completely conscious that what I do and say is making a positive difference ~ for everyone.
Notice it didn’t say “happy” difference. Sometimes in life we need to set and maintain healthy boundaries with people who would like us to be a certain way, but it doesn’t work for us. This may not be happy for them, but certainly positive. Or maybe we need to be honest with someone that might hurt them initially but in the end be very positive for all. Be careful not to get the 2 mixed up.

If you use different questions to help guide your decisions please post below. I would love to hear them!!

Many blessings and much love,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium & So Much More

My magnificent friend Mel and I enjoying the first marshmallow roast of the season!

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