Sunday, April 8, 2012

What Your Loved Ones in Heaven Really Want For You

In the past couple weeks I have noticed a theme while giving mediumship readings -- many clients are holding on to something they are afraid their loved ones in heaven are upset with them about or disappointed by.

A woman was afraid her Dad would be disappointed she was ending her marriage because, when he was here, he always said that divorce was wrong, in fact, the words she remembered the most -- “you make your bed, you lay in it.”

A man was afraid his Dad would be upset as he hasn’t been able fulfill his Dad’s dying wishes to “take care of the family” due to an upset and they won’t speak to him now.

A woman was sure her fiance, who crossed a month before their wedding, wouldn’t even come through to speak to her because she was now in love with another man and planning their wedding.

A woman who didn’t get to her Grandmother’s side before she crossed over, felt she didn’t even deserve her Grandmother’s energy to come visit her.

A young man was sure his sister, who died in an accident where he was driving, could never forgive him.

A woman had filled herself with such intense guilt for the last 20 years because she was sure she was the causing for her Mom’s death, as the night she forgot to pray for her, was the night Mom crossed over.

And there are many more along with theme. Do you know what every one of the loved ones in Spirit said to these people? Maybe not in these exact words, but the energy has been the same -- “I love you. Forgive yourself. Your happiness is all that matters to us here in Heaven.” They are not holding grudges or resentments. They see the truth. They see our hearts.

The woman’s Dad knew the daughter had done everything possible to save her marriage and since her husband wasn’t trying, there was nothing left for her to do. Her happiness is what is important to him, not how many years she stays in an unhappy marriage.

The man’s Dad knew that the son couldn’t change the upset in the family and more importantly then trying to take care of them, he wants his son to take care of himself and his happiness.

The woman’s fiance came in loud and clear to tell her that is was him that brought her new love to her. All he wants is for her to smile and laugh and dance again.

The woman’s Grandmother knew she did everything she could to be there, and Grandmother planned it perfectly so she was all by herself when she crossed. It was her choice. (many spirits do this)

The young man’s sister told him she had nothing to forgive him for. In her eyes he did nothing wrong. Nothing. It was her time to go and although no one here on earth would understand that, it was.

The woman’s Mom knew her daughter had nothing to do with her crossing over and had been trying to tell her that for years through her dreams.

As a medium I can guarantee that any guilt you are carrying in regards to someone who has crossed over you can let it go and forgive yourself. They are asking you to, likely even begging you to. Once we cross into the pure love and light of the other side the humanly ego gunk dissolves. Their desire for your happiness is #1. Ask them to help you forgive yourself. If you need, you can ask for them to forgive you, but they already have.

Infinite blessings,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium & So Much More



jackee said...

I really needed to here this. Thank You.

jackee said...

I really needed to hear this. Thank you.