Monday, May 23, 2011

4 Ways to “Hear” Your Angels More Clearly

4 Ways to “Hear” Your Angels More Clearly

As a professional medium one of the questions I am asked over and over again is “how can I hear my Angels more clearly?” Here are 4 simple ways...

1. Be here, NOW - in order for you to clearly hear your Angels you need to be in the present moment. Not reviewing your To Do List, not replaying the conversation you had with your boss yesterday, not planning supper. Be here, in this moment, now...and now...and now. Yep, it takes practice. We have trained ourselves to go 110 miles an hour, and we need to train ourselves to relax, to breathe, to focus.

2. Ask for what you want - have you ever thought to ask for how you want to hear your Angels? Have you asked them to be clearer? To be louder? To make it easier for you? Angels are the same as friends - we need to ask for what we want. Whining and complaining about a friend doesn’t win you more friends. Same goes for Angels. Own what you want - ask for it in respectful ways - and watch it happen.

3. Note it - carry a journal with you and write down what you hear. This will boost your confidence that you are hearing them correctly and as we all know, what we focus on grows!

4. PLAY - yep, the more fun you have, the higher your vibration, the easier it is for you to hear them. People often think they don’t have time to play - but really, taking time to play makes life flow so much more. Angels love to PLAY and they know the importance of it. Book it into your calendar if you have to. 

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Happy listening to your Angels!!
Many blessing and much LOVE,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium & So Much More


SheenaB said...

how can i "play"? do i just run around outside? play video/computer games? im so out of touch; the angels clearly want me to play more because i keep seeing this; but i dont know what to do!

Glenyce Hughes said...

Yes Sheena, play in whatever form that means to you - or try all of them and see what is the funnest. Swing sets, rolling down hills, laughing with friends, playing games with others or by myself - these are some of the ways I love to play!