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The Power of Asking the RIGHT Questions

The Power of Asking the RIGHT Questions

Last year I listened to an audio book called The Great Little Book of Afformations by Noah St. John. It changed my life! I highly recommend it to everyone - you can download it off iTunes or order it through Amazon, or your favorite seller.

The basis of it is really simple - when we ask questions, our brain searches for the answers. This is one of the many jobs of our brains. The problem is that we are often asking questions we don’t actually want answered!

For example - asking ourselves, why do I always get a cold in the summer? This will create your brain searching for the answer - and surprise - you get a cold every summer. Or another one is - why am I always broke? Your brain will search for ways for you to be broke. Hmmmmmm, probably not what you are really wanting!

The book encourages you to be conscious of the questions you are asking - which mean listening to what is going on in your head. And changing the dis-empowering questions to empowering questions.

The “Why do I always get a cold in the summer?” would be changed to “Why am I always so healthy?” Now your brain will search for the answer of why you are always healthy - and surprise - health is what it will create!
“Why am I always broke?” would be changed to “Why am I so rich, and so richly blessed?” - and your brain will search for that answer. Cool eh???

And even though you are asking the questions, you aren’t consciously looking for the answers. Just change your dis-empowering questions to empowering ones and let your brain miraculously find the answers. The miracles are in your questions!

Here are some other questions, some from the book, some of my own and some from a modality called Access Consciousness (you can read their blog here)

“How can my life get even better?”
“What else is possible?”
“Why am I so loved, happy, successful and happy?”
“Why do I take such good care of myself?”
“Why is my body such a gift?”
“Why do I always have an abundance of wealth, health and happiness?”
“Why does money come to me so easily?”
“Why is it so easy for me to take the steps to be financially free?”
“Why do I get to do what I love and be so wonderfully paid for it?”
“Why am I so valuable to myself and others?”
“Why am I always doing the right thing at the right time?”
“Why do fabulous opportunities come to me so easy and so often?”
“Why am I so loved and appreciated?”
“Why is Love so easy for me to express, share and receive?”
“Why do I have so many wonderful friends?”
“Why am I so generous with others?”
“Why does what I have always enrich the lives of others?”
“Why is it so easy for me to bless the lives of myself, friends, & family?
“Why does everything always work out so perfectly?”
“Why do I love being happy and healthy?”
“Why do I always believe in the power within me?”
“What else can I create?”
“How did I get so lucky?”

I encourage you to listen to the questions you are asking yourself on a daily basis and change them to empowering questions. They will change your life!

I would love to hear your thoughts, and experiences with asking empowering questions! Please post them below.

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Another beautiful sunset from our condo in Mexico. January 2011

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