Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to Ask Your Angels for Help

I was recently asked the proper way to ask your Angels for help. Since I have been doing this for so many years, I assumed everyone knew how to do it! LOL!
So for those of you who haven’t done this, or feel you may be doing it wrong, here are my suggestions. Please know that if you have a different way then I am suggesting - that is absolutely fine. There really is no wrong way.
I prefer to do what I call “affirmative asking.” So rather than saying: “Please I am so broke, I need money, please can I have $5000.00 to pay my taxes now, if I don’t get that amount, I will be in alot of trouble.” I say: “Thank you so much for the wonderful abundance in my life! I am so grateful that my taxes are paid in full, on time, in a peaceful easy way.”
If you pay attention to how you feel when you read the first statement, it will likely feel very heavy. It is very dis-empowering. When you read the second statement it will likely feel much more positive, lighter, happier. Very empowering!
Although I always have a running conversation in my head with my team of Angels and beings from the light, and there are times I will just ask them for what I desire, I do prefer to write my requests down. I have a special notebook that I keep track of them. I date when I ask for them, then when I receive them I date that. It is so fun to keep track of how quickly I can manifest now. There are also times when I change my mind about a request, and just put a pen stroke through it. As a symbol that I am no longer interested in manifesting it.
For me I find it easiest just to ask once, and leave it. I used to go back over my requests every morning but that started to feel heavy. In some cases we are in such a rush for something that we want to manifest that it can feel frustrating when we don’t have it the next day! I find it better to ask, then let it go. I have complete faith in my team, they know when is best to bring me what I am asking for, or change it up to something better, or not bring it because I wouldn’t be happy with it.
There is no limit on what you can ask for. Happiness and peace within a relationship. Help to release an addiction. Motivation to exercise or to make a healthy life change. Material things. Money. World peace. Joyful, like minded friends. Better health for yourself or animals or others. Creative ideas that will help you with your life purpose. Work that you love and pays well. Patience with a child. A successful business. Longer hair. To look good in a bikini. To receive a sign from a loved one who has crossed over. The perfect dog for you and your family. That promotion at work. Seriously you can ask for anything you want, anything.
The Creator is all loving, all knowing, pure abundance, pure health, pure vitality, pure creativeness, pure goodness, pure joy, pure passion, pure worth, pure deserving. We are sparks of the Creator. We deserve to feel and live all of those things because we are all of those things.
Just ASK, then KNOW you deserve what you asked for and BELIEVE you will receive it.

Glenyce Hughes


The Spirit of Abundance said...

Just B E A U T I F U L!!!

Noticed the time you made this post is filled with angel numbers too, e.g. at 11:33 :).

L♥ve & Light,

Char T said...

Thank you for this info!