Friday, June 25, 2010

3 Months Healing in 1 hour!

Recently I worked with a woman using ThetaHealing, we’ll call her Kim. Kim came to see me as she wanted to heal whatever beliefs were causing her to fail at relationships. She was ready to meet her most compatible soul mate and start their lives together. Using ThetaHealing we were able to identify that it was issues with a past relationship that was holding her back from connecting to the right man. There were many stuck emotions and negative beliefs that had resulted from this relationship. It took about 45 minutes to clear them all. At the end Creator told her she would meet her most compatible soul mate within the next 3 months. I could see energetically she was cleared from the issues, and would now be able to have a very happy, healthy relationship.
After we completed the session she asked when she needed to come back. I was confused. I asked her to explain why she felt she needed to come back. She explained that 2 weeks previously she had used my Ask Your Angels service. One of the questions was about how to connect with her soul mate. Her angels, through me, had explained it would take 3 months of emotional healing from the past relationship to clear it completely, then 3 months after she did the work, she would connect with him. Although I remembered answering the questions for Kim, I didn’t remember the answers they had given her. (I never do).
I checked with Creator and he explained that with the ThetaHealing session we did, it was equal to the 3 months emotional healing work from other modalities! WOW! I was shocked! I know ThetaHealing is quick and easy and effective and miraculous, but I would never had said it could do 3 months healing work in 1 hour! Oh my goodness!!
He also explained that this was why he had just told her she would meet him in the next 3 months, cause the emotional healing work was complete.
I am not sure Kim quite understood why I was so excited. LOL! To me is was proof that we can change our lives drastically, in a short amount of time. Nothing is pre-determined, we can change our future with the choices that we make and the healing work we.
I feel so blessed to be on this journey, and to be able to share it with others.
May your life be beautiful and filled with never ending miracles!
Glenyce Hughes

P.S. I am currently working at the cabin. Here is a picture of where I wrote this Blog from. I am so grateful!!


rafterhhorse said...

WOW. Amazing! How do I get advice and info from you in regards to an issue I must have.


Glenyce Hughes said...

Hi Tammy,
You can read about my services on this link and then contact me to book it. I look forward to hearing from you!