Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Will it bring you JOY?

I was in Canadian Tire picking up a Father’s Day gift for my Dad a month ago and noticed a motorized inflatable chair on sale. I felt quite excited as I love spending time in the lake during the summer and had never seen such a cool water toy! As I contemplated buying it many thoughts came rushing in - “Inflatable toys always get holes in them.” “It is silly to spend so much money on a toy.” “It won’t last long enough to make it worth the money.” You get the idea. I felt sad but knew it was for the best not to buy it.
As I was walking away I heard Creator’s voice in my head, ask one simple question - “Will it bring you Joy?” I stopped walking and felt every cell in my body scream “Yes!” And Creator said “Then you know what to do.” And I did. I bought it.
My husband thought I was nuts getting so excited with my new purchase - which I call my “boat.” It has brought me so much Joy - along with many others. In the days leading up to me trying it out my Facebook friends got to hear all about it. Some have even went out and bought their own. Once I got it in the water I had my sister do a video of me in it - which brought alot of joy to those watching it as it is ridiculous. (see below) Plus the joy I have had just using it, has been worth a million dollars.
I recommend you ask yourself where in your life you are holding back from allowing Joy in. We are here to experience Joy. To be as happy as we can be. To do things that make us laugh. To have fun. To smile. Next time you are being logical - listen to your heart instead of your head...you will be Joyfully glad you did!!

Glenyce Hughes

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