Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Messages from a Bumble Bee?!?!?!?

As a medium I have had many strange and interesting experiences. One of them still boggles my mind. It happened 5 years ago in my kitchen. I was going to walk out the patio doors but there was a bumble bee on the screen. In my mind I said, “Excuse me, I want to use the door.” I don’t even know why I said it, because, at that time, I didn’t believe insects had the ability to hear or respond.
However, what I heard back shocked me. Again in my mind, he said “I need your help, my buddy is in there and he isn’t doing well.” I remember looking at the bee thinking I must have lost my mind.
There is no way I am standing in my kitchen having a conversation with a bee! I said back to him, “Where is he?” He told me he was in the back entrance. Questioning my sanity I went to the back entrance to check. Luckily it was a small room so it took me no time at all to find his buddy. I stood there shaking my head. Obviously he had been there for a while and he was struggling. I asked his friend how I could best help him and he told me to open the door and once he got outside, he would help him. So I did just that and sure enough, the bumble bee in our house just flew straight out to his buddy and off they went.
From that moment I started looking at insects in a different light. I cringe when I see children and adults kill them, just kill them. It doesn’t mean I like mosquitoes or ants or any insect in my home or on me. However I decided since they have the ability to tell me when one is trapped in my house, they would also have the ability to understand what I have to say to them. I always tell mosquitoes that if they land on me, they will die. The choice is theirs. Same with flies in my house. I respect their boundaries and I expect that they respect mine.
Glenyce Hughes

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