Monday, May 9, 2011

3 Easy Steps to Allow More JOY Into Your Life

3 Steps to Allow More JOY Into Your Life

For me JOY is the ultimate - it is like mixing love, happiness, prosperity, kindness, laughing, and peace all into one word. Just typing, thinking or saying the word JOY makes my heart dance. Of course, like everything, JOY holds a vibration - which is why it makes my heart dance!!

To allow more JOY into your life of course means its there - waiting for you. It isn’t lacking. It isn’t hidden. It isn’t for some and not for you. Nope, its all about you - and you allowing it in is also about you. You can - or you can choose not to. It is up to you. If you would like to allow more in, here are 3 easy steps to do so!

1. Notice it. 

 Use a journal, a scrap piece of paper, your kids t-shirt, your laptop - it doesn’t matter how you do, just write it down. This will help you see how much JOY you have around you. Its there. I promise. What about that butterfly that just went by the window? What about the home made card from your loved one on your dresser? What about that smile that stranger gave you in the supermarket? What about the fact that you can read this? Or smell supper cooking?

2. Create it. 

Take 10 small pieces of paper (or more) - on each piece write a different things that you can to that will bring you JOY. You will end up with 10 different ways. Put them in a fancy bowl, or a hat, or an old boot. Swish them around with your hand and pick one. Now go do it. Do this every day until all 10 are gone. Keep adding things because one you start this, you will think of more and more JOY-ful things to add. Its the Law of Attraction - what you focus on you create more of!

3. Give it Away. 

You have heard it said that when we give what we want, we get more than we could have every imagined. Those closest to you - what can you give them to create JOY for them? Make sure it is something you enJOY also!! Challenge yourself to do this once a day for 21 days and watch your life change for the better!!

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Many blessings and much love,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium and So Much More

On Saturday I had an AWESOME-ness party with some of my awesome friends.
It was VERY JOY-filled!
We each made a name tag...this is mine! LOL

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