Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is it Really Procrastination??

Earlier this week one of the amazing students in my What Are the Infinite Possibilities For Your Business course asked a question about procrastination. I am sharing my response as so many people struggle with this. I did edit it a bit to fit for all the readers:

In my experience what we call "procrastination" is more often our way of not doing something that isn't ready to be done. Unfortunately society has taught us to work hard and push through laziness/tiredness/disinterest. When really it just isn’t time. We are all very sensitive (or you wouldn’t be reading this blog) - give yourself space and time, enjoy the journey!

This is important for all areas of your lives too. Have you ever had the experience of needing to do something, and one day you wake up SO excited to do it - and it takes you way less time than if you had tried to do it on the days you wanted to nap every time you thought about it.

Remember this in those times when you think you “should” be doing something. Sometimes the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our business’ is a nap, or go play, or something totally unrelated.

Before you do something check in with the energy of it - so for example, this course - say to yourself, or out loud - “course do you want me to work on you right now?” if you feel light than do it, if it feels heavy ask about doing something else until you find something that is light. MOST importantly - don’t judge yourself if its a no. Know it just isn’t time in that moment and let yourself be. You will be a ton more effective and have a lot more FUN!

Infinite blessings,
Glenyce Hughes
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