Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Did you know that judgment destroys your future. Any kind of judgment. Judgment that your body is too big. Judgment that your best friend is the most perfect person in the world. Judgment that you aren’t good enough.

Why does it destroy your future? When we judge we cut off our awareness. We have to fit it into the judgment we have made, instead of seeing what else is possible.

When we judge our body for being too big we cut off our connection with it to what else might be possible. When we judge our best friend to be the most perfect person in the world we cannot see the areas of their life they may not be. When we judge that we aren’t good enough we shut off our awareness of all the magnificent we truly are.

What if instead of judging we chose to be aware? Simply asking the question - what awareness can I be here? can shift you out of judgment and into awareness.

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Glenyce Hughes
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