Saturday, April 10, 2010

What if it didn't matter?

We often stress over things that we truly have no control over. Causing us to lose massive amounts of energy – which takes us out of the present moment. And since the present moment is where joy, happiness, love and all the other good stuff is – we want to be there as often as possible!
A few months ago, after listening to a tele-class that talked briefly about this technique, the Angels started asking me the following question when I was worrying about something. It is simple – “What if it didn’t matter?” This takes the situation from tension to relaxation in the fraction of a second.
What if it didn’t matter if I was late for my doctor appointment? What if it didn’t matter if he doesn’t call? What if it didn’t matter that I am not the weight the charts tell me I “should” be? What if it didn’t matter if my boss doesn’t like the proposal? What if it didn’t matter that the floors haven’t been washed in 2 weeks?
Take a minute right now – what are you stressing about? Now ask yourself – What if it didn’t matter????
There are few things in our life that truly, truly matter. Our family, our friends, our community. Most of what you are stressing about doesn’t matter. So let it go. Relax instead. And be sure to ask your Angels to help you. They love you so, so, so much!!
Glenyce Hughes

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