Sunday, April 18, 2010

Limiting Beliefs

In my experience our lives are created by our beliefs. If we believe that we are worthy, beautiful and amazing with unlimited potential - then our lives will be filled with those types of experiences.
The problem is that most people don’t believe that about themselves. Not even just a little bit. They believe they are unworthy and life is meant to be a struggle - so they create those types of experiences.
During readings the Angels often explain to my clients that if they changed their beliefs, their whole life would change. (more about how to change beliefs later) Some people don’t understand how that can be. They see the problem with their “mean boss” being about the boss, not about their own beliefs. How can changing their beliefs change their boss???
The Angels use this metaphor to explain. Imagine your life is like a play and you are the main performer and writer of the play. Everyday you hand out scripts to those in your play (life) and they read from the lines that you gave them - which are based on your beliefs.
When you believe that “work is meant to be hard and something you don’t enjoy” - then the script you hand your boss will be one where they appear to be mean.
Most of our beliefs are created in our early childhood. What our parents, teachers and elders said to us, or said around us. Many of which are limiting and negative. 
I feel it is our responsibility to become conscious of the beliefs that are guiding our life, and if they are limiting, to change them. This way we can become the best we can be, we can believe and live the truth that we are worthy, beautiful and amazing with unlimited potential.
There are many different ways to change beliefs. From hypnosis, to Emotional Freedom Technique, to Reiki, to journalling, to my favorite of all - ThetaHealing. ThetaHealing is my favorite because it is the quickest and easiest. 
Follow your guidance as to which belief releasing modality is best for you. And watch the miracles happen!!
Glenyce Hughes

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