Friday, May 7, 2010

May is National Meditation Month! Free MP3 Download!!

Happy National Meditation Month!!!!
Meditation is such a beautiful way to connect with the deepest part of yourself, your team in Spirit and your own inner wisdom.
When I first started meditating 8 years I found it very difficult. I was easily distracted, making To Do lists, worrying about the past or the future. I knew none of these were good uses of my meditation time!
When I asked my team why I had such a hard time meditating they explained that I had this unreal expectation that my mind had to be completely blank for me to be actually meditating. Since I wasn’t able to do that - I was just giving up and letting my mind wander aimlessly about whatever it wanted.
They clarified that meditation was about calming the mind, but like anything, it would take practice to get better at it. So I committed to practicing. Sitting at the same time everyday for at least 10 minutes. Gradually it became easier. So much so that I started meditating at other times in my day, and for longer periods. Mediation became a very important part of my day. Not just something that I knew I needed to do, but something that I wanted and loved to do.
I have tried many different types of meditations over the years with guided meditation to be my favorite. I find it the easiest to keep my mind focused and it also strengthens my clairvoyance (because I am using my imagination to see the images).
In the last few years scientists have come to realize the many benefits of spending time in the Theta brainwave, so there are many guided meditations now that have binaural beats in the background that, when you wear headphones, your brain automatically goes into theta. Very powerful way to meditate.
My favorite theta meditations are by Kelly Howell - click here to go to her web page.
As a gift for you I have recorded a short (13 minutes) guided meditation to help you feel peaceful on every level. Click here for the link. Wear headphones to experience the incredible effects of the theta brainwave to further deepen your relaxation.
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