Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fear... or Excitement????

I am currently in Costa Rica taking a workshop so I can facilitate classes in Foundation and Level 1 in Access Consciousness, along with the Bars classes I already facilitate.

Yesterday I joined a friend on the beach, she asked if I would like to do a 2 hour horse back riding adventure in the mountains. My body did this zilch thing it does when it is really excited about something. (and no, I don’t know if zilch is a real word LOL) Interesting thing is that for years I called that zilch “fear”. So when I felt the zilch I took it as a sign not to do whatever was being offered as a possibly.

Did you know that fear and excitement read the exact same to your body. There is no physiological difference whatsoever. So now I ask myself the following question when I feel that zilch - is this fear or excitement? It is always excitement. My body was screaming YES to horseback riding. My mind - not so much! LOL

We spent a couple hours on the beach and as the possibility of going would come up - I would go into question about it. Clearing anything that was blocking me from looking at the possibility with pure awareness. The most beneficial thing I did was ask my body what it would feel like once the horseback riding was complete - it felt spacious, yummy, and joyful. I would say no to that energy - why??? So as we were leaving the beach I told my friend I would love to go with her.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t always easy on the horse. There were times I just wanted to jump off and walk. There were times I felt totally out of control - eeeeeek! I would just go to question and it would open the energy up. At one time I had the memory of being bucked off a horse onto the fence when I was quite young. It is very possible that was the last time I was on a horse. I cleared that. Some more energy came up and I remembered to ask “Who does this belong to?” and sent it back to sender with consciousness (so they can change it if they choose).

Shortly after that my friend asked how I was doing. I told her I was fine, although a bit uncomfortable in the seat as going back down the hill was at a different angle. She asked if the heavy energy was coming up for me - I laughed, said No - and in fact I had forgot it was an issue. WHOA! How cool is that?? Once it was cleared I literally forgot about it. Amazing, truly amazing! How does it get any better than that??

And my body was correct, at the end of the tour I felt totally spacious, joyful and yummy!  

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Glenyce Hughes
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Jennifer said...

Awesome Glenyce! I love horses! :) So proud of you for facing the "excitement" I love it! :)