Friday, October 15, 2010

Vulnerable - friend or foe?

Lately I have been contemplating the word “vulnerable.” I have never thought of it as a positive word. In fact, I have judged it to be the exact opposite.

Then I read quotes like these -

“I have met brave women who are exploring the outer edge of human possibility, with no history to guide them, and with a courage to make themselves vulnerable that I find moving beyond words.” ~ Gloria Steinem

“We all need somebody to talk to. It would be good if we talked ... not just pitter-patter, but real talk. We shouldn't be so afraid, because most people really like this contact; that you show you are vulnerable makes them free to be vulnerable.” ~ Liv Ullmann

“We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy” ~ Walter Anderson

While doing ThetaHealing on myself Creator explained that vulnerable is a normal, healthy feeling. Like everything else in life there is an ebb and flow - times where I will feel vulnerable and times where I will feel strong and confident. When I allow myself to feel whatever it is I am feeling, without feeling ashamed or thinking I should feel differently - my life flows so much easier.

I have heard that emotions are energy in motion. The problem is, when we feel an uncomfortable feeling, our first response is to stuff it. Some of us use food, others alcohol or drugs, t.v. or shopping, etc. Imagine the freedom of allowing whatever feeling is there, to flow through, knowing and trusting it is just part of the human experience. Wow!!

Thanks to the gift of ThetaHealing, this is so much easier for me to do now.

I would love to hear from you guys - how do you feel about vulnerability? How do you process emotions?

Vulnerably yours,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium & So Much More

A cute porcupine that was just outside our house a couple weeks ago. So adorable!!

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