Thursday, April 7, 2011

7 Fun Ways to Raise Your Vibrations & Feel GREAT!

We all love to feel good - well, GREAT! 
Here are 7 ways to get you feeling GREAT in less than 10 minutes!

1. Music - put on some groove makin’, booty shakin’ tunes and DANCE! For me it is important that the music I put on has fun, happy lyrics. My top 2 favorites right now are below - and you know this if you have taken workshops with me in the past few months.

2. Nature - go outside and walk, run, jump, sing, play, dance or sit quietly. Doesn’t matter what you do out there - just get out there. The fairies and nature angels clear your energy when you spend time with them. What a gift - right in our back yards!

3. Stretching - this can be yoga, tai chi, qi gong or your own stretching routine. When you stretch the lines of energy in your body open up and you feel GREAT!

4. Phone a Friend - just make sure this friend understands that you want to talk about fun, happy, positive, life affirming stuff to get your vibes a rockin’. Yes there are times in our lives when we need to talk with a friend about issues or problems, but this ain’t one of them!

5. Have a glass of water, or 2 - water is so important to our physical bodies and the way energy flows through them. The more you drink - the better you feel - and yes, the more you pee, but when you think of all the toxins that is being released, you will start to celebrate the bathroom trips! LOL

6. Watch this video - the Angels guided me to make it last summer and it really does work. While thinking about whatever is bothering you, watch it, and watch how quickly the emotional gunk is released. Angels are truly amazing!!!

7. Smile - yep, force yourself to smile. It automatically changes your vibration for the better. Of course you can put on a funny movie or listen to a comedian on iTunes to help you out. Although I have never tried it I have heard that Laughter Yoga is awesome!

Now go out and try one of these things. Be sure to post your favorite way to raise your vibes below. The more ideas the merrier!!

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Many blessings and much love,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium & So Much More


none said...

Definetly with a great therapeutic scent or fragrance. I love your connection spritz!

Glenyce Hughes said...

Thanks so much!!! Connection is one of my favorites too!!