Monday, April 25, 2011

4 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Your Ego and Your Intuition

4 Ways to Tell the Difference 
Between Ego and Intuition

I have many people tell me that they are never sure if the voices, feelings, thoughts are their intuition guiding them, or their ego playing tricks with them. Here are 4 ways to help you know - which is which!

1. Intuition is soft. Ego is hard.

Ego often speaks to us in disrespectful ways, feeling heavy and harsh.

Intuition is soft and loving, feeling light.

2. Intuition is repetitive. Ego is all over the place.

Ego will jump around from 1 thing to another, often confusing us.
Intuition will say the same thing over and over and over - softly and lovingly.

3. Intuition feels like guidance from an older, wiser, gentler being. Ego feels like being reprimanded from that angry school teacher.

Ego is often mean, condescending and rude. You would never allow your friends to speak to you the way your ego speaks to you.
Intuition is kind, loving, soft. It doesn’t mean you will want to hear what it has to say, but the message will be soft. For example many people’s intuition tells them to exercise.

4. Intuition is rarely logical. Ego is always logical.

Ego will try to rationalize with you logically. Trying to convince you of the safest and surest way.
Intuition will guide you, with love, to what will serve you the most. These are usually baby steps, as opposed to showing you the whole stair case. The reason for this, is many people wouldn’t take the step if they saw how amazing their life was going to be. I know for myself, had I known that taking Reiki was going to take me from Psychiatric Nurse to Medium & Teacher....well, not so sure I would have taken it back then. Now I am grateful every day for the amazing gifts!

With all this said, I want to explain ego. Although it sounds bad and horrible - it isn’t. Our ego’s job is to protect us, but for most of us - due negative experiences in the past, it does it through fear. So please don’t wish you didn’t have an ego. Love it. Like anything or anyone that is operating from fear - all it needs is Love!

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Many blessings and much LOVE,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium and So Much More

 One of the many amazing sunsets we experienced in Mexico. Ahhhhhhhhh!

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