Monday, March 26, 2012

Asking for What You Require

Last week I received an invite to be on the CTV Morning Live show in Edmonton to discuss my chapter in the Pearls of Wisdom book and how it was one of the 26 that got picked over the thousands that were submitted. Wha hoooooooo!

When I received the official email I was over the moon excited. A dear friend was here so we hollered and hugged and laughed and cried and it was amazing. Then I just had to phone hubby to share the exciting news with him. The day prior I had told him if I was invited on the show he needed to be available to take me as I required his support to do this. So when I called to share the exciting news that I had been officially invited he needed to make sure he got the information he required to make my previous request happen. What day is it? What time is it? When would we leave? When would we get back? This wasn’t the excitement I was looking for. I didn’t have any answers to those questions, nor did any of that matter to me at that exact moment. I wanted him to support my excitement through happiness, joy and maybe even a little screaming. LOL
I got off the phone and told my friend I missed a step. I didn’t ask hubby for what I required in that conversation. Since I wanted a certain type of support from him, it was my responsibility to ask for it. I cannot assume he knows what I require, as we all know what assuming does. He was going off what I told him I required the day before. My friend and I giggled about it and it was done.
I remember years ago being so frustrated that I would actually have to ask for what I require. If he loves me he would know exactly what I require when I required it. SO THERE! And let me tell you, that never worked out well. I was disappointed and blamed him continuously. He walked around confused and annoyed.
As the years have went by and I have chosen to take full responsibility for my happiness and my life, I have chose to ask for exactly what I require, and if I miss the step -- it isn’t his fault. I don’t go into blame, not of him, or of myself. I just missed a step, big deal. I can always make the request the moment I realized I missed the step. It is just that easy.
I see the same thing with other couples, relationships with family and friends -- and even relationships with people and their Angels. People go into victim mode instead of asking for what they require. In pretty much every reading I do the Angels always say - ASK for more help, we can’t help unless you ask. State what you require. Ask for what your heart desires.
One of the funnest and easiest ways I have found to get into a habit of asking my Angels for what I require is through an Angel To Do List. I have 2 on the go -- one for me and one for my energetic support team. You can use a notebook, a file on your computer or a scrap piece of paper. Fill it out every morning or evening and watch the miracles happen!!
No matter who you are looking for support from, Angels or humans, asking for what you require is the only way to ensure you will receive it. Or, you will find out that person cannot support you in that manner and you can request it from someone who can.

Infinite blessings,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium & So Much More

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