Sunday, March 18, 2012

From Grief to Peace

16 months ago a friendship that was very dear to me, ended. It was unexpected and not something that I ever wanted to happen. Ever. It did though and it took me on a journey from the deepest grief to eventually, months later, peace.

It was a very difficult journey as all journeys with grief are. At times feeling so incredibly angry, at other times crying myself to sleep in sorrow, at other times feeling numb.

For those of you who have went through an ending you understand what I am talking about. It can be someone we love dying, a marriage ending, a pet dying, getting fired from a job, children leaving home after graduation, children moving to the other parents home after a divorce, or even when friends or family members move away.

We make up all sorts of stories to distract us from the grief. If it was a relationship that ended we attempt to make the other person bad or wrong, if it was a death we try to make sense of it, if it was a natural progression in life such as children leaving home for college we tell ourselves it is the way it is supposed to be. Truth is we are hurting and distracting ourselves only prolongs the inevitable. We have to feel it to get to the other side of it -- where the peace of it is.

The other night I was talking to a friend about this situation and I made the comment that “it takes time to get over grief.” As soon as I said it I realized the limiting belief in that. The next day I sat down to have my usual conversation with Creator and we discussed it. He explained that I had many limiting beliefs that were stopping me from choosing peace:
-- I was hanging on to the grief to prove to myself, and others, that I went through hell and just how hard it was for me.
-- If I let it go it meant that what I went through was nothing. 
--Since I know I create my reality I also believed that I had done something so horribly wrong, I deserved this hell.
-- I had to be ashamed of myself for creating this.
-- Grief takes time to get through.
--And many other limiting beliefs I don’t remember, which is very common after a ThetaHealing session

As Creator and I discussed this he cleared all of these limiting beliefs changing them to peace. It was so powerful, so amazing, so free-ing! Finally, 16 months later, I have stepped into the peace of the whole situation. I accept that it happened. I understand it from the Creator’s definition -- rather than making up all sorts of stories in my head about how wrong she is or how bad I am. It just is what it is, no judgement, no shame, no more wasted energy on trying to figure out “why.”

Now that I am on the peace side of this situation Creator has requested we hold a “Conversation with Creator -- From Grief to Peace” for anyone who is ready to move from grief to peace. He will provide you with powerful energy shifts, healings and teachings to shift grief, any type, to peace. Divine energies will work with you and your energy field while you listen to clear anything that is blocking you from feeling peace on all levels.

This teleclass will assist anyone in any level of grief, to peace. The grief can be recent or from years ago, and caused by any of the following:
  • a loved one crossing over
  • a pet crossing over
  • a miscarriage 
  • a marriage/romantic relationship ending
  • a friendship ending or changing
  • family members being born with disabilities
  • a job/career ending
  • not getting a promotion
  • retirement
  • abuse or trauma in your childhood
  • an accident that have caused your life to change
  • anywhere you have experienced sadness
However you choose to find peace in your situation, know that you are not alone. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, open up to friends, book a ThetaHealing session, take up journaling, or find another healthy alternative to assist you into the peace you so deserve.
Infinite blessings & tons of peace,
Glenyce Hughes

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