Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick and Easy Way to Stop the "Crazy"

Since spending the month in Mexico one thing Creator has had me shifting, changing and becoming extremely aware of are the stories I tell myself. WOW! It is amazing to me the crap my ego can make up in my head! From mean things about my body to stories about others gossiping about me to imaginary fights with hubby, etc. 

Creator has explained that our ego does this to distract us from our greatness, from our amazing-ness, from our awesome-ness. Do you really want to let it have that sort of power? I don't. Are you willing to let something stop you from all you are meant to be? NO!

One day I was especially frustrated with my thoughts and asked Creator if everyone has "crazy" living in their head. He said yes, the ones who are successful, happy, living lives beyond their wildest dreams are the ones who continuously choose their greatness instead of the crazy. Over time, the more you choose your greatness - the power of "crazy" gets less, way, way less.

One quick and easy way to stop it - the moment you hear the "crazy" going on in your head just ask yourself "Am I choosing to use this to distract me from my greatness?" The answer will always be yes as there will never be a good reason to make crap up in your head about yourself or someone else. It will never be the truth as it is based on your judgements, limitations and craziness. 

The reason asking yourself the question is important is so you can take your power back. You can decide in that moment to choose greatness or to choose powerlessness. As with everything, choice is yours.

If you find yourself always talking the same "crazy" I suggest you do some form of additional healing on it. Reiki, ThetaHealing, journaling, yoga, etc, etc, etc. Often when we tell ourselves the same limiting story over and over there are deeper beliefs tied into it that need to be released.

Are you ready to live beyond your wildest dreams??
Infinite blessings,
Glenyce Hughes
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Kath said...

I get that "amazing" feeling sometimes, when it seems like you and Creator always know exactly what is going on without me actually writing or calling to tell you...the "crazies" really are a part of everyone aren't they?! LOL, I'm glad though that you point these things out at exactly the moments that I (and many others, I'm sure) really need to hear it/remember it! Thanks for that! :)