Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Conversations with Creator about Holidays

For some people the holidays are a time of great joy, tons of laughter and happy connections with family and friends.
For other people the holidays are a very difficult reminder of their loved one who has crossed over and is no longer there to share in the traditions, the laughs, the joy. There is often mixed emotion during this time. If kids are involved they want to put on a happy face for them, while inside wishing it would all just go away. If there aren’t kids involved it can feel easier to avoid everyone and everything, in hopes to shut out the pain.
Creator would like to dedicate this article to those of you who are missing your loved ones, this can be family or friends, human or furry! Know in your heart that every animal and person who has crossed over is happy. This may be hard to believe because they aren’t with us physically anymore, but they are with us on an energetic level, and always will be. Every spirit I have connected with, and there have been thousands, are happy, free, and having so much fun! They love to play with electricity such as flicker lights or change the time on clocks, or leave coins in odd places, or tickle their loved ones, or pull their hair, or open closet doors, or move pictures. The list goes on and on and on! They want for you to know they are with you, they are happy and they wish that same happiness for you.
If you don’t notice anything special from your loved ones in Spirit you can ask them to show you signs they are around. They will, so be sure to pay attention! Their communication is often as gentle as a whisper and as light as a feather. Some people miss it because they are too busy multi tasking. If you can, take time to relax and just “be” for even 5 minutes a day. It will make a world of difference for your sanity and much easier for your loved ones in Spirit to show you they are with you.
If you would like to strongly connect energetically with your loved one in Spirit the healing below will assist you in doing so. Creator will only do the healing to the level of readiness that you are, so know that you are safe as he shifts your energy to connect with theirs. You may feel or sense your energy shifting, you may feel shifts in your physical body, you may have emotions come up, you may want to giggle, you may want to dance, you may want to nap. These are all normal reactions. Just allow it to be what it is, and let Creator take care of you and each step of your journey.
You may want to experience this feeling again, so you can read through the article, or just put your hand on it and the energy will work. It really is just that easy.
Take a deep, slow breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow yourself to feel, know, or sense your energy field expanding, wider and wider and wider. Going out from your body... into the space around you... breathe... into your room... breathe... into your home... breathe... into your city... breathe... into your province... breathe... into your country... breathe... into the entire world... breathe... now beyond the world into the Universe... breathe... and farther... breathe... now as far as your energy can expand... breathe...

In your mind think about the loved one you would like to connect with right now. Imagine their smile. Feel the energy of their laughter. Sit with this for a few minutes while you breathe deeply and slowly. As you do this I am removing all of the trauma, shock and cellular trauma you are carrying due to your loved one crossing over. Please take 3 deep, slow breaths as this heavy energy is removed and replaced with unconditional love, peace and healing. Breathe... breathe... breathe...

Energetically all the unhealthy and unnecessary unresolved grief is removed and replaced with peaceful energy that fills your entire being. This expands your energy even farther as you feel it gently enter every part of your being.

As your energy gets lighter and lighter you start to feel, sense, see, hear or know your loved one is right beside you. The love they are sending you is so strong, so intense, so beautiful it brings beautiful, healing waves of emotions through you. Allow these emotions to flow.

Connect with your loved one in whatever way works best ~ talk with them about everything your heart has to say... feel them touching you... hear them giving you messages... know they are there and are happy... sense their love for you, their messages, their happiness. Allow it to be what it needs to be for you, right now.... Take as long as you need with this.

As you do this I am consistently raising your vibrations so your connection stays strong with your loved one in this beautiful space of love, joy and connection.

As you are ready to come back from the visit, thank them for coming, knowing you can connect with them any time you desire. They are always there, always loving you, always guiding you, always smiling.

Previously published in PURE Magazine, Christmas Edition 2011

Infinite blessings,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium and So Much More

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