Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy 2013!

What would it take for 2013 to be the year each of us to chose to step into our greatness, let our lights shine, celebrate each other’s awesomeness, show up and be our real selves, and love and treat ourselves and each other like the GREAT ONES we truly are? What are the infinite possibilities??

Are you ready to tap into the magic available to you?

Are you ready to expand into the infinite possibilities waiting for you?  

Are you ready to BE the contribution you truly BE in your life and in the world?

Are you ready for more JOY in your life?

Are you ready to live a phenomenal life?

Then THIS is the program for YOU!!

Create the Phenomenal Life Your Heart Desires

A Year Long Creation Intensive Program

  This program includes:

  * Intensive and life changing one to one sessions with Glenyce to clear any blocks, limitations, past life traumas, etc stopping you from creating and living your phenomenal life. We will also connect with your Divine Energetic Team assisting you with the creation of your phenomenal life and living.

* A group telecall where Glenyce will outline various Access Consciousness tools to use every day that will exponentialize creating your phenomenal life. You will also receive a handout with the tools with step by step instructions for daily use.

* Monthly powerful Phenomenal Life Group meetings by telephone or online with everyone in the program. Group calls are March 2013 until December 2013.

  * MP3 downloads of each monthly Phenomenal Life Group call to replay when you wish.

Monthly MP3's of clearing loops to clear the blocks from the specific energy of that month.

If you could have, be or do anything what would you choose? What does your phenomenal life feel like?

For more information click here.

Infinite blessings,
Glenyce Hughes
Medium and So Much More

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